Sunday, November 2, 2008

I want to go home Phase

I think I'm going through an "I Want To Go Home Phase".

I wanted to go Trick-or-Treating. I wanted a costume for Andrea and Scotty. I wanted a dumb Halloween parade at school where kids walk around the playground listening to "The Montser Mash". I didn't get Halloween. The kids had a party at school and spent the entire week decorating the classrooms so they were happier.

...which is my next complaint - An entire week of school to decorate for Halloween and make Haunted Houses. They missed a week for Fall break. The week before and after Fall Break they did nothing because of the break. Winter Break is coming (two weeks). My third grader can't multiply and my fifth grader is bored out of her mind and becoming lazier by the minute. I need to get back on the homework at home... sure - in my free time - I should get off of this thing for starters. :)

AND Despite having found a turkey to buy I'm realizing I won't get Thanksgiving because of some company party on that Thursday for no other reason than to ruin my Thanksgiving...

It's also getting darker and colder so perhaps that's contributing. My friend Jill moved back to England. My husband will be gone for two weeks this month. and I'll be without a car for a week.

OH WELL. I'm just venting. I'll be perfectly fine soon enough. I just need to get back on Mommy School schedule, plan a different Thanksgiving Day, turn up the heaters, and get out the Christmas decorations. I'm going to go make Chocolate Chip cookies with my British Chocolate Chips.

: ) It's really not that bad. Today was sunny and the "big" kids played in the yard making leaf piles while Andrea slept all morning and I shopped on Paul cut the grass and made the yard pretty. I have friends coming over this week... Paul's making a trip to the States which means more graham crackers and chocolate chips. I just need to complain every now and then! :) See ALL BETTER!


Julie said...

I have had days like this after moving from California to Illinois
( about every single March when I'm so sick of the freezing cold!
:) )
Your British chocolate chips sound cool!

Ninster said...

Yeah, I went thru that phase too when I moved to Texas! You know what?? It doesn't go away!!! I guess there's no place like home or better than California!!


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