Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day! (a day late)

Our Thursday was too busy with school and work and "life" that we had to postpone our Turkey dinner until today. So this morning Grandma and I woke up dark and early and started cooking! HA get it...? not bright and early because it's not bright until around 9:00am... Yup, I'm funny. :)

First we made pumpkin pies. From a can. BUT, we did make the dough from scratch because there is no such thing as pre-made dough here... or so I thought. After the crusts were made I find out from another mom that they do have pre-made dough here. Grandma hates making crusts so... Grandma, I'm sorry for making you "cut butter into the flour" to make the pie crust dough, but at least I know how to "cut butter" now ...but I'll never do it because I just learned they have pre-made dough in Denmark. :)

Then we started cooking the pies... Sorry again Grandma. She tried to cook those pies for nearly two hours and was getting very frustrated that they wouldn't cook all the way through and set. They were still wet in the middle when she put the knife in to test them. I told her that is how mine always are and that I can never get them to set. We just blamed the oven and moved onto the turkey. Later, after everything had been eaten, and as we were cleaning up the kitchen; I saw that I had too many eggs in the refrigerator. Sorry Grandma. I didn't put eggs in the mix and that's why it wouldn't set right. So. I've been guarding two cans of pumpkin pie mix and one can of evaporated milk for an entire year, only to mess them both up by NOT putting the eggs in. :( For the record though I thought the pie tasted fine. :) I wonder if I've ever put eggs into my pies?? Oh. Well.

The rest of dinner was yummy too. We had a turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, peas, salad, crescent rolls, cranberry sauce, and gravy. For dessert we had two egg-free pumpkin pies and a cream cheese pie with no graham cracker crust because I'm too stingy to use that many American graham crackers for just a crust. :)

We had fun telling our Danish friend about our traditions and finding out that she thought it was odd to eat a turkey, much less marshmallows on whatever a sweet potato was. :) ...and of course she found it odd that I'd never even considered cooking a duck.

Tomorrow. No Day-After-Thanksgiving Sales for us, but Grandma and I are taking a road trip to Sweden for the weekend. ROAD TRIP!!!! Andrea gets to come but others are getting left behind. The only problem is that I'll have to pay that dumb toll to get to Copenhagen. Grrrrr.... AND we also have to pay the even dumber toll to get to Sweden.

I'd said I'd never pay that toll again! BUT I guess I will for Grandma. AND Apparently I've gotten some facts about that bridge wrong... Apparently it is long. However, I still don't think it was anything out of the ordinary... AND I still don't think it should cost $41.00 to get across it! Maybe I didn't pay attention to the bridge itself because I was still in shock from paying the silly toll? (OOOOUUUUHHHHH It's all just my opinion!)

Night night...


Ingrid said...

You and cooking is funny :-) ! Doing dough isn't very hard, do you think?
I get really hungry when reading about all the good food you have for thanksgiving!!!!
Have a great weekend in wonderful Sweden! Are you going to Malmö and Lund?

Anonymous said...

To go to Sweden from Århus you could just take the ferry from Grenå to Varberg.
In Danish
In Englsih
Then you don't have to cross Zealand, but take the ferry directly from Jutland to Sweden.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Dont you think that offices should close on Thanksgiving?! LOL... it really threw a kink in things when all my dinner guests had to work all day before coming for dinner! LOL!

and these photos are GREAT!! Just like a Thanksgiving in America!

Anonymous said...

Hammer and screwdirver??

Nice can opener :-)


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