Friday, November 21, 2008

My points

Today I got a really big "roundabout point". I feel a personal satisfaction when I DON'T hit a bicyclist. ...It's like I've won or something. Bikes are everywhere (which is fine or there would just be that many more cars), but they are hard to see in the dark - especially for those right hand turns and roundabouts! So when I don't hit one I score a point. ...sometimes two points depending on how hard the bike was trying to get hit.

I give myself points when I do something good or something works out for me. :) I get to the grocery store and think I've forgotten a coin to buy a cart... then I find a coin in the car... ONE point for me! I get all four kids in the car before the rain downpours... ONE point for me! I get the last loaf of bread at the store... SCORE another point for me!!! I manage to pry open the frozen door in the morning for school; one big point!

Denmark gets points too. ...for when I get to the park with all four kids and my sunny day turns into a downpour. ...and when I get to the end of a recipe to realize what I have is NOT buttermilk. Denmark also gets points every time I go to the store and can't bring myself to pay $80 for Scotty shoes or when I realize there is no such thing as graham crackers here and my cheesecake crust isn't happening. ...and I don't know why, but Denmark gets a point when I forget to bring diapers or wipees with me.

The other day this lady literally RAN to get in front of me in a checkout line and I actually laughed out loud. I didn't give Denmark a point like I usually would have... only because she really did run and it was funny.

Current Score:
Tara - 263
Denmark - 3,875

Okay - I've wasted my last 10 minutes... off to get Grandma! YAY!!!!!!!


Kelli Nørgaard said...

Ok, this post CRACKED ME UP!!!!
Do you get extra points when you swerve to avoid hitting a bicyclist, only to realize you have hit a pedistrian? That is my greatest fear... I feel like I am worried about SHIFTING GEARS while I look out for bikes while I look our for walkers while I turn on the windshield wipers because of the constant rain....

PiNG aka Patti said...

I am dying here - this post is priceless - and totally NOT pointless :)


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