Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Weekend

I had great plans to put up some pictures of Grandma's first weekend in Denmark, but Scotty got hold of my camera and erased them all. These are from when my mom was here in September. Good thing Scotty's cute.

Yesterday we took Grandma out on adventures. We went to the deer park and down to the city center and walked around. We even peeked inside the big church that is there. I'm surprised it's taken me a entire year to finally walk inside of it. I think the freezing temperature and wind helped get me inside.

Here's my interesting story involving the church: Once we were inside Scotty got mad about his coat and a nice lady tried to make him feel better by giving him a candy. It was a black candy and I knew he'd hate it, but I didn't want to be rude... plus he was yelling over his coat; I didn't want him to get a yummy candy. He bit it and while standing in the hall of this nice, big, quiet church he yelled "EWWWW YUCKY". I figured it was a black licorice candy because most Danish people seem to like them. I though I'd eat it because I couldn't find a trash can (As I write this I'm perplexed at why I'd eat something only because I couldn't find a trash can to put it in) Anyways, it was little so I ate it - YUCK! It was a mix of black licorice and MINT! EWWWW - It was the oddest flavor I've ever tasted! It was hard and chewy and took forever to get that flavor out of my mouth.

If you are not sure how that story related to the big church... it all happened while we were inside of it.

So then we walked around town freezing to death. We found some fun stores to go into and decided we'd go back (without kids) to see the Christmas lights at night.

We had also went to feed the deer. The picture is from when my mom was here... but all this writing and no pictures is getting boring. This time we didn't see the big antlered deer. I decided they went to the North Pole to get ready to help Santa pull his sleigh.

Scotty also peed outside for the first time. :) I was surprised (and happy) he agreed to even do it because little Scott is ALL about routine. Our next step is to go potty in a public restroom.

Grandma's doing better with the time change than we've done! She's been a huge help at dinner time and started on a pink Andrea-sized hat today. :) Scotty thinks she's a stop sign that steals kisses but it's earned her some Scotty-hugs while watching Wall-E.


Kelli Nørgaard said...

these are the coolest pics I have ever seen...your children will treasure these for many years!!!!

Ingrid said...

Hope you are having a great time together with your grandma?!
Malin are so happy about her new class and she said she had so much fun with Michaela yesterday.
See you!


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