Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Turkey and Underwear

Turkey has been purchased!

My turkey buying excursion took place at 6:00pm with four children in the rainy darkness of the night and Scotty was diaper-less.

I've decided that maneuvering four kids through a grocery store is difficult. I usually only take Scott and Andrea which has it's own special challenges. Andrea and her carseat go into the cart which takes up the entire thing. Scotty wants to be included so he sits in the seat of the cart; the cart is full before we even start buying groceries. AND I've yet to run across a cart here that pushes straight, so we roll through the isles sideways; my little flock of people.

This turkey trip we found ourselves in the frozen "bird" isle debating which frozen mass looked the most like a turkey. In case you've never done this every frozen bird looks the same. (and I've seen a lot of frozen birds - HAHA couldn't help it Joanie!!) Anyways, we lucked out and found one that actually SAID turkey on it. I think our turkey is German though, it said "mit giblets". Doesn't mit mean med?, which means con, which means with. LOOK I can say WITH in four languages!!!

So we have a turkey and all I know is it isn't going to fit in a easy, effort-free rotisserie like all my others have. This may actually take some skill. Good thing Grandma will be here! Grandma, if you need any special turkey cooking accessories better bring them along!

...OH YAH - I also bought some big boy underwear here... I think. Buying underwear for Scotty was more difficult than buying the frozen bird. It probably took me 20 minutes. All I could find were boxer type things but they were more fitted and elasticy, like stretchy bike pants. ?? I was so confused! I'm not sure if they were underwear because they all had matching tank tops like maybe they were pyjamas...? I did find some "underwear shaped" ones but they were pink. So Scotty only got one new pair of, I think, underwear.

They are organic and soft for his bum. He has standards. :) ...and his last "fun" underwear's were "funky", his new fun word... Actually I think they were too small so he's been just wearing pants, nothing else underneath. It's funny he won't wear pants with pockets because all his jeans and cargos (with pockets) are not soft like his sweats and track pants (no pockets) so he's learned to ask for pants without pockets. I think it's smart to make the observation! I hope his organic underwear will allow him to wear his pocket pants.

He's been good at putting his pee-pees in the potty, even to the store and his gym class. Poo-poo's are another story... one I don't feel is appropriate to get into. :) I just hope school and potty combined together go well.

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