Tuesday, November 18, 2008

***Chocolate Chip Pancakes***

I got the biggest (and heaviest) package in the mail yesterday from my wonderful Uncle Bruce and Aunt Ingrid!!! It was GREAT! thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

There was one teeny tiny problem. The syrup didn't really make it. Well, I guess the syrup made it... just not in the container. :) I think the post office along the way had to put the box in a giant plastic bag and then they taped it all up. It was sort of a huge sticky, soggy cube. :) The box smelt really sweet and when I read the packing slip on the outside and it said "pancake mix" and "syrup" I knew what had happened! At first I decided to deal when the girls got home (I thought they would think it was funny) but then I got scared that the mix would be ruined so I frantically pulled out scissors and knives and started haphazardly cutting through all the tape and plastic bags and cardboard to save the mix!!!! It was like emergency surgery!! It was taped up very well and sticky scissors become difficult to use after a while... Don't worry - the mix was okay... Phew. ...and so were the eight bags of yummy chocolate chips!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!

It was funny to see the huge syrup container "safely" packed in several taped ziplock bags and with it's taped down top... and the GIANT Crack going down the back. It was completely empty! :) HAHA I was really impressed how well it soaked into EVERYTHNG! Nothing was ruined though - we just rinsed it ALL off and threw the box out the door and kept the empty container as a souvenir. It made me smile though... It still makes me smile to look at the empty container... We are going to celebrate grandma's arrival on Saturday morning with chocolate chip pancakes.

Last Saturday we used up the rest of our mix so it was perfect timing!! Thank you so much Bruce and Ingrid!!! Don't ever pay that much to ship something again! (but thank you :) ) It made me happy... and the syrup made me laugh... So it was all good!


Kelli Nørgaard said...

Don't you just love getting goodie boxes from the US!? I am COVETING your chocolate chips!!!!

Gao; said...

Tara- You are great to make a not so good problem funny. I hope you all really enjoy the Chocolate Chip Pancakes. I hope they are worth all the expence and mess.
Love ya- Auntie Gail

Gail Pope said...

Tara- Sorry I can't even spell my name right.


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