Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Numbers 3 and 4

Number 3 is now officially potty trained. He hasn't worn a diaper at all during the day for the last week, and he will pause his video game to go potty all by himself!!! He wears a diaper at night, but as soon as he wakes up he says "Diaper off. Need underwear!" Well he doesn't say it, he yells it. :) Much better than me arguing with him to take the diaper off to put on the underwear.

Number 4 is doing great too! Her major accomplishment is that she has an official morning nap time now. Sometime between 10:00 and 10:30 she will take a nap for a couple hours. YAY! I've been trying to stay at home during that time to encourage a regular sleepy-time / shower-time for me.

Today as I was putting 4 to sleep, 3 was downstairs standing on the stool at the potty requesting I help him pull up his pants (as well as his two peanut M&Ms). What perfect children I have...!


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