Friday, November 7, 2008


I found Scotty a preschool!!! WHOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

After a particularly long and loud tempertantrum thrown by "The Boy" I had had enough. I carried him to the car, strapped him in the car seat, and drove to the nearest preschool. When we went inside I asked the lady if they had an opening and when she said, "Sure, he can start tomorrow." I said, "What time do you open!!?"

We actually went back a few days later to check it out for part of the day. The preschool was cute; it is in a forest-y area down by the lake and I'm sure he'll be a mud-ball everyday. The kids looked happy and as calm as 3-6 years olds are; they weren't running around in super-loud chaos as I'm told most preschool are here. It also seemed safe because all the doors had anti-finger-pinching barriers. So it's a winner! Scotty made a teacher friend who speaks English so we were both happy.

I think he liked it; especially playing with all the other kids. They had snack time and sang The Itsty Bitsy Spider in Danish. - The tune and words are completely different but I saw the little spider climb up the waterspout and then I saw the rain wash the spider out. :) It also happened to be "picture day" so the little frazzly haired monster had his picture taken (after he finally agreed to face the camera).

The thought of having time to go grocery shopping alone or take a nap with Andrea just makes me giggle!!! I'm smiling as I type. No more Robots or Wall-E or watching continual video games during the day! :) I'm so excited!! I just want to jump up and down!! NOW. I'm trying not to get too excited in case it doesn't go well (can't you tell?). But Scotty did say that he liked it and that he wanted to stay a "million more minutes"... We can't call it school because he says "I too little for school", so we call it Bornehaven, which is what it is called in Danish. :)

So we've been practicing standing up to go potty like a big boy and we will go buy a cute little lunch box for him. I need some of those thermos things that hold hot food so I can send him with spaghetti-o's. (Mom?) He also needs some indoor slippers! How cute!!

Hopefully he'll start on the 17th!!! HUGE PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!!!! EVERYONE IS INVITED!!!!!!!!!

...on another special note: I made muffins - with flour and eggs and blueberries! I'm amazed how flour works - it's in everything! :) night night.

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