Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dear Dad

Don't worry Dad I'm fine. :) Sometimes you just have those days when you want to go home, then you realize just exactly where home is! :)

I think when I look back on this little two year excursion I need to remember the bad days too. I'm not just over here gallivanting through the European country side. Of course I've had plenty of bad days in California too, but I didn't have any other place where I thought the grass was greener in. When you are far away from your home and your culture, and your language, and your family, and your friends, and your "everything familiar"; even a little thing like missing trick-or-treating can set you over the edge.

...and let's just say Scotty isn't exactly a dream child. :) (I still think he's the cutest and love the little brown-eyed monster) Let's also just say he's earned himself a spot in a Danish preschool (I just need to find one now).

This week is looking good. Oh, and this afternoon a family with FIVE kids from church stopped by and said Hi. : ) I didn't know it, but Scotty is in the same play-gym as their 4 year old... so I have seen them everyweek too. ...and the girls went to Volleyball with their kids over the summer. You would think I would have recognized them, but I just assume I don't know anyone and don't even pay attention. : ) So now we have new friends... What a small country. ;)

night night.

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