Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stages of Scotty

I was writing this on a piece of paper so I could remember to tell Paul, but decided this would be entertaining for all.

Scotty is throwing a MAJOR fit right now. ...about a video game - the little skateboard man didn't go up the right slide.

So Scott was sent to the "crying room" (the hall).
The following are things he screams about; looking for attention.
- my nose is running
- my mouth hurts
- i'm falling (he's sitting on the floor)
- my eyes are wet
- i need new diaper
- my head hurts (guess what, mine does too)
- my sock is funky (new one)

Now he's just screaming "ow, ow, ow, ow" because historically that has been the most successful complaint to get me to talk to him. Not today little boy. I'm about to put him on the porch.

Now he's saying "kiss please".... He's finally calmed down so I gave him a kiss and now he's happy.

Tomorrow we go back to check out Preschool Number 1.



Ninster said...

Yeah...that sounds familiar alright! Hearing this story brings me back to Shane's tantrum phase! It will get better...when he starts school!

Ingrid said...

I try to catch up as fast as I can, which means I do everything at the same time and not finishing anything.
I had a nice trip to South Africa, but I can see you have been going throw a lot here in Denmark when I were away.
Just tell me if you need any help during the week! But in the weekend we are not here.
See you! Hugs, Ingrid


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