Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hermione and Zoey the lost Griffendor student

Look!!! Yes, I had some help, but I did Sierra's just about all by myself! I'm so impressed!! Very cool huh?

Please Note:
- Fully lined - even the hood!
- Secret Wand Pocket
- Clay Wand
- Iron on Griffendor Badge
- Matching headband
- Custom-made Scarves
- Hand-made TIE!
- Authentic looking clasp to attach in front

At least they wear them around the house still. One point for Mommy! I RULE!

Hi Julie, I so tried to order them online but it was going to be just over $70.00 for one of them. Shipping to Denmark is just silly!


Julie said...

Wow, these costumes are awesome!
Very good sewing!

Nana said...

As your mother, I am so proud of you! The costumes look great! I really am surprised considering the shorts that you tried to make one time when you were younger. You decided then that you did not have the patience to sew. Look what having children does for you - gives you more patience and gives you determination. Sierra & Michaela you look awesome! Love you all!


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