Wednesday, November 19, 2008

for mUm

To Leave A Comment:

- At the bottom of my writing click where it says "comments"
- On the left it will say "show original post". Click here.
- Now you can see the directions as you try to comment. : )
- Type whatever you want in the "Leave Your Comment" section.
- At the bottom it says "Choose an Identity"
- Select "Name/URL"
- In the name section type your name; leave the URL section blank.
- Click "Publish your Comment"

...and Wallah!! You may have to type a word that appears in a box... but it should work!!!


Bluefish said...

Hello, I found your blog on

I'm not an expat yet but I'm looking forward to live in DK. I'll come back to check your blog:)

Ingrid said...

Hilde told me Scotty has started at a 'Børnehave'. How is it going?
See you!


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