Monday, December 1, 2008

Scotty's First Day!!

Awhhhh... My little monster went to school today!

I thought I'd be more excited at the thought of some Scott-Free Moments, but I was too worried that he wouldn't like it and throw a fit... and then this whole thing becomes complicated. He did fine though and was happy to play with other little kids. I don't want to overdo it so I'm going to send him every other day.

Today I only left him there for part of the day to see how it went... When I went back to check on him an hour later I peeked in and found him was sitting in a circle listening to everyone singing in Danish. I have no idea what they were singing but I could hear him saying loudly, "I'm hot. I'm hot." :)

Then it was time for lunch and then they were going out to play. I knew he'd like lunch and outside time so I decided to leave him there and come back later. (I had to take Andrea to the doctor for her shots. :( Poor Little Balubit.) I came back an hour or so later and as I was arriving his class was leaving to walk up the street to the gym to play. They looked just like all the other preschool groups I see around town: 12 little bundled up kids in snowsuits trouncing along ...and my little Scotty was one of them!! He ran over to me and I got a big squeezy hug. It was so cute!! I would have liked to have seen them wrestle him into his snowsuit. :) HA HA

I didn't get to talk to his teachers too much since they were on their way out, and one of them speaks ZERO English, but I think he didn't seem too traumatized . I asked him some questions and he seemed to answer them.
- He said he got a new pink toothbrush to brush his teeth after lunch.
- He doesn't like the little potty, he likes the big one.
- He admitted to crying but didn't say why.
- His favorite part was eating his peanut butter and brown (nutella) sandwich.

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Mads and Kelli said...

That photo of him is PRICELESS!!!!


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