Friday, December 12, 2008

Nummy Cereal!


Step 1: Remove shirt so you don't make a huge mess of it.

Step 2: Choose prettiest spoon.

Step 3: Have big sisters choose an "appropriate" bib for you.

Step 4: Try to eat bib.

Step 5: Decide rice cereal is NOT yummy or fun and scream until mommy picks you up.

We tried to feed Andrea some rice cereal last night... I had decided to mix it with some formula and YUCK she says! :) I don't blame her; it even smelled icky.

We tried again today with some mommy milk and she gobbled it all up. Appears the little one has opinions already. :)

See... went much better during round two. :)


Kelli Nørgaard said...

ok, that last pic is ADORABLE!!

And I love the new masthead with Grandma and Scotty.... you took the pic at the perfect time!!

I was telling Mads about you the other day and had to pull up your post about the car and the parking garage.... he cracked up! Hope we can figure out a time to meet soon! If you ever come to Herning, or this direction, please let me know!!!

Jess and I are planning a shopping trip to Århus between Christmas and New Years but not sure about a time to meet....but I will for sure figure out another time soon!

Tara said...

Turns out we are going to Herning tomorrow! :) ...for a hockey game.

We may venture down into Germany before or after Christmas... but keep us in mind when you head out this way! :) I think it would be fun to meet up, I love meeting people I can speak English to!

...and while in Aarhus, if you go shopping downtown, don't park in the parking garage!

Julie said...

I love Andrea's bib!

Amy said...

Hi and welcome to Scandinavia! Been peeking in at your blog and finally decided to leave a word or two...I work with children from 0-2 years of age, so I guess I found this posting the most fitting for me to say hi.
I've been in Norway for 13 years now...old pro at this expat stuff...NOT! How are your kids adjusting to life in Denmark? Are they learning the language? I admire anyone who can learn Danish- I think it sounds offense to any Danes reading you are trying to speak Norwegian with a potato in your throat..uff..hahaha!!
Will be back to check on things again- have a great day!

Ingrid said...

Sweet photos as always!! How can all of your children be that look a like...?? I think S, S and A look very much the same and M looks very much like you, so I guess all of the are, but I see it mostly at M. All of them are really cute anyway!
Hilde told me about Thursday. Can I join and invite myself?
Just to make sure you don't forget my face :-) .

Tara said...

Hi Amy! Yes, 13 years in Norway qualifies you as a pro! :) I can speak better Danish if I hold onto my tongue and talk at the same time. I don't know if I'd know Norwegian if I heard it... Norway is beautiful! (I peeked at your snow pictures)... We haven't made it there yet but would like to take a train through. Enjoy the holidays!!!


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