Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Quick update because I haven't written in a while. I'm still not sure why I'm busy if I'm down to only one kid every morning.

Scotty's been a good little bornehaven kid for a couple weeks now. Today I dropped him off and he ran to his teacher (the zero english one) and jumped on her. It made me happy that he likes her. It really is a cute school... He's confused at why we go to bornehaven when it's still dark though. I can't figure out how to explain this one to him. I just promise the sun will come out "soon"...

Sierra and Michaela have a few more days of school before their winter break. Not that school is really involved this month... it seems like it's been field trips and parties every day. Little do they know that winter break will bring "mommy school". They need to learn something. :)

Andrea is enjoying her cereal at night and seems to sleep better with a full tummy. Poor little thing has a stuffy nose though and that makes her/me sad. She still is full of smiles though!

Paul is working lots and very excited about his birthday on Thursday. :) On Thursday he gets to go to Scotty's bornehaven party and the girls gymnastics party. WHOO HOOO. (Swimming party is tomorrow night) NOTHIN' BUT PARTIES OVER HERE IN DK!!

I am being domestic and baking cookies and bread!! Go me!!

Yesterday was soup night and I tried to buy sausage for a sausage/tortellini soup - sounded good. At the store I couldn't find anything that looked like what I thought sausage should look like so I bought these hotdog type things with the intent of cutting them open and "squeezing" out the sausage. ...nope. They really were hotdogs. I was desperate so I tried them in the soup anyways. It cooked for a while but it looked gross with all the hotdog pieces floating, so I fished them all out and tried to fry them thinking they would brown and not look so fat and slobbery. ...nope. So then I tried to mash them with the potato masher... still fat and slobbery. I eventually made an entirely different rice and carrot soup to eat and threw the slobbery hotdog soup out.


Amy said...

Hahaha, sorry to laugh, but if you had found sausage (like we know sausage in America) in Denmark I would NOT be laughing but I've been searching for REAL sausage for 13 years and haven't found anything other then hot dogs....when Lidl was in Norway I could get bratwurst and some german sausages which was something better then Norwegian hot dogs...but it was never the good italian sausage or Jimmy Dean sausage we get in the states.
We do a tomato soup but we add the regular hot dogs. I guess I've been scandinavianized....hahaha...

Kelli Nørgaard said...

ok, the thought of those hotdogs floating around the top of the soup as you look on in horror totally cracked me up!!!!

'Babs' said...

There was, and still is I believe, a deli on Frederkiks Allé in Århus on a corner, and opposite (if my memory serves me right) a Nordea bank ATM that sells a sort of sausage that is worth it. It is, to date, the only place I found that could give me a half decent sausage.

Yes, finding a half decent sausage in Denmark is nearly impossible.

There is a guy who sells English and American foods from the back of his van, and he moves around Jutland. You order your stuff online and then be at the pick up places (his online shop says where he will be and when) on the right day and he has it all bagged up for you. You can also buy on the day too, I think he has a kind of shop in the van.

My spouse always does the pick up so I haven't actually seen this magic van.

Anyway, I can tell you that we have bought proper English sausages from him, and that he can also get in special stuff if you ask him. I seem to remember my spouse getting his Mountain Dew fix the last time.

If you want me to go get the website address and details I can :)

We wouldn't touch a Danish hotdog sausage with a ten foot pole, our kids are always sick as pigs after them, so we learnt that lesson very easily. Actually, the vegetarian sausages taste miles better, or at least certain brands do, and they make a nice addition to soups.

Tara said...

The magic bus! I've heard of him! My husband just told me there are some German sausages at Bilka. I'll invite all my new blog friends over for dinner and serve them hotdog soup. :)

Anonymous said...

There's Lidl in Århus too, it's a German supermarket like Aldi, so maybe they have German sausages.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "also a community website that tells about activities in the city would be nice too - haven't found that one yet".

Try these 3 websites:
http://aarhus.dk (click Kultur, Fritid & Sport etc.)

Anonymous said...

Yes GramTrans is probably the best translator between Scandinavian languages and English.

Google Translate has also included Danish language now, some sentences tansaltes better in Google Translator and other in GramTrans.

Babelfish still don't have Danish language.


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