Wednesday, December 24, 2008

God Jul

God Jul may translate to "Merry Christmas", but every time I see it it reminds me of Good July.

It's Christmas Eve and we just ate our dinner. We decided to do our turkey dinner tomorrow if I can just remember what Grandma taught me. I may be calling her at 3am to ask her questions. I did call and ask her some things yesterday. She will have her own 30 pound turkey to cook this Christmas! I will definitely be sad to miss that!

Our tree looks like Santa has already come and the kids are obviously very excited. Scotty isn't thrilled with the idea of Santa coming at night and leaving more presents. He says we have too many already... which is true. I'm slightly appalled at how many gifts are under that tree already... I guess there are six of us. Six people equal a lot of gifts! This is when big families get fun though. :)

Oh, I tried to make stockings for all six of us so we can finally get all matching ones. HA No way. I'll wait until I get into a Target and buy some really cute ones for $5.00 each. The one we did finish making will be for Andrea. :) She doesn't mind what it looks like. I'll use the rest of the fabric for a table cloth of something. :) It's a soft squishy material that doesn't like to hold still to be sewn.

So we already ate our dinner and we're waiting to eat dessert... Chocolate Pudding that we made for the Nisses that apparently live in our attic. :) With any luck the Nisses will leave us a present too! That is if they like our American box of chocolate pudding mix... It's got to be better than rice pudding!

Sierra has carefully selected nine carrots for the reindeer and some of our sugar cookies for Santa. Just in case Santa is tired of cookies we made him some brownies too... with our last box of American Brownie mix. SO YUMMY.

Okay, I'm off... maybe I'll sneak away from the chaos tomorrow and put some pictures up of our day. Whoever reads this should call and wish us Merry Christmas, it's just a local call remember! Go skype Go!


Lisa said...

Merry Cristmas or Glædelig Jul! If you knew what you wanted from Target I would pick them up for you the day after Christmas (I am going to the sale to get some Christmas thing myself). I hope your family has a great time together and that the nisses are nice to you!


Amy said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! Sounds like the celebrations are well under way and the children have lots to look forward too!!!
If you need a good brownie recipie you can make here now that your last box of American brownies is gone, let me know..I have a couple great ones which are EASY peasy!!!
Happy Holidays!!

'Babs' said...

I am a little ashamed having to admit this, but though I know the word skype and know that it's very popular and something to do with phone calls, I haven't a clue how it works and am a bit intimidated by it.

Is there an idiots guide to skype for the technologically fearful? ;)

A happy festive season to you.

We have a scaled down (broke) christmas but there are still too many gifts under the tree.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

We had a "skype Jul" with my family today... and although it is not the same, it was precious and wonderful. I hope your day has been as well!

Tara said...

Skype is wonderful. :) I'm not sure how it works because my husband does it all. I know some people talk directly into their computer microphone but we have an actual handheld phone, like a cordless home phone, that is somehow connected to the computer. I can call home all I want for free! :) I've heard it's easy though... sorry I can't help more. It's great for those who move around because you take your phone number with you...


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