Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Swimming "Party"

I think I traumatized my children tonight. I made them go to their Christmas Party for their swimming classes... even though I had my doubts on how well it would go. I won't make them do that again. :) ...that's not true, I probably will.

It was at a different, much larger, pool and with ALL the kids at their swimming level. We didn't see their teacher anywhere and didn't recognize anyone but I pretended to know what I was doing so they wouldn't feel "out of place" HA!! I plopped the girls in a line of wet kids and told the teacher they didn't speak any Danish. I felt like such a turd to then just go sit on the benches and watch them shiver in line.

When it was their turn they both jumped in and I laughed so hard! Sierra went really far underwater which is not something she enjoys... She popped back up and had this look of panic but she paddled her way to the side of the pool, then glared at me. :) It was at this point that I tried to stop laughing. They both lasted a bit longer, but trying to figure out what to do got a little complicated... so I bribed them with McFlurrys from McDonalds. Sierra opted out of the McFlurry and sat with me and Michaela hung in there a little longer.

It was cute. They put a Christmas tree on a big floaty thing and all the kids sang and swam around it. I thought Michaela might drown... so much so that I put Andrea down in her car seat in case I had to jump in to save her. Kids were everywhere and all trying to go around this tree!

Michaela is my hero. How many of us would go into a large group of people who we can't understand and try to be included? Honestly, I wouldn't, especially by myself. She swam around that juletree, fighting off Danish kids right and left, struggling to stay above water... and she made it around that tree!!! She rocks. I was so proud of her and she looked so miserable I said we could leave early.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Michaela!!

I can totally picture Sierra paddled her way to the side of the pool and then glare at you!!
I miss you guys!!

Come Home!!!

Trini Marie

Nana said...

I would say good job to both of them for putting up with so many things that they are not used to and things that are uncomfortable. At least they give it a try; that's more than most kids would do. I can't imagine doing so many things and not understanding what is being said around you. Way to go Michaela and Sierra! Love you both!

'Babs' said...

You can call it a charactor building experience!

Well done :)


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