Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's finally happened.

I now think 20 kroner is cheap.

...and let's keep in mind it's really ~$4.00!

The other day I was shopping at Tiger, which is like a dollar store with lots of odd things. As I'm putting things in my cart I realize I'm thinking, "Oh cool, only 20kr!". So I keep putting more things in my little basket. When I get to the checkout my final total comes to $60.00!! and I have a basket full of a dozen dollar store items!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN BUY WITH $60.00!!??

When I first got here I'd see 20kr and quickly say "No way am I spending $4.00 on that!" I'm not sure at exactly what point I deemed 20 kroner a good deal, perhaps it was a survival instinct. ...or maybe I just got tired of NEVER buying anything.

I still convert prices to dollars sometimes, but I usually don't even look at the price anymore... espically while grocery shopping. For Snacks and cookies I'll usually convert to dollars, and then more often than not, put it back. Meat or Vegetables I just quickly stick it in the cart because, hey, we have to eat.

Even when I'm done shopping I don't look at my reciept... I did the other day because I bought some toys and wanted to make sure they really were on "sale". ...and I saw I paid $25.00 in taxes! See, looking at the reciept is depressing.


Kelli Nørgaard said...

so there is hope for me to stop converting to dollars?!?! I still do that after six months and it makes me queasy to think I just paid 16.00 for a small thing of cheese!

Bluefish said...

It's very painful to look at the receipt...I try not to think about it when I shop in DK.

PiNG aka Patti said...

This is why no one in DK uses cash - just keep inserting the chip end of the card into the Dankort machine and hope for the best. If you must convert, just remember, the higher the dollar goes, the cheaper things will seem here! :)

'Babs' said...

I agree with PiNG, using cash here can be very painful, just whistle a happy tune and flex your dankort.

We still convert everything to dollars, sometimes to sterling pounds, and then to pounds of flesh (nod to Shakespears Merchant of Venice), whichever way we try to add it all up, it doesn't.

SOMEONE is making a fortune here, and it aint us ;)

Bluefish said...

I also forgot to thank you for your comment. I ate at Swiss Chalet a very long time ago and I'm not very fond of their food. I mostly bring Asian food when I visit my husband.

I'll move to DK once I finish University (hopefully next year).


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