Friday, December 5, 2008

Bye Grandma

Right now Grandma is a few hours into her 10 hour flight. I'm feeling guilty because I'm sitting here eating pie about to go to bed. I'm so happy she came to see us though; we had a really great time and we all would have loved for her to stay longer.

I never really spent a lot of time with my grandma before, a day or two at the most; but the past 14 days has been different than just a quick visit to Grandma's house. It's been great to have her here for swimming lessons, school, grocery shopping, breakfast, etc... and just to have her hang out with "us" doing what we do.

I've always loved my grandma but over the last two weeks she's become one of my best friends! I miss you lots Grandma - see you soon!

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Kelli Nørgaard said...

what a precious goodbye! And you are so lucky to have had your grandma in DK with you for such a great visit!!!

Speaking of visits, I may be heading to Århus (did I dream it or is that where you live?! LOL) a couple of weeks, so maybe we can meet up for a cup of coffee?!


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