Monday, December 1, 2008


We made it to Sweden! Grandma and I rock! We even did it without any problems... except for that one little incident with the parking garage that wouldn't let us out...! I'm very proud of us!!

We left Saturday morning and drove through the rain to Copenhagen. When we got there it was still raining and pretty cold so we didn't walk around the city much. We did drive around quite a bit though... and got to see all the same things! Some of it looked vaguely familiar from my last trip with my parents so I was able to maneuver us around okay. I was even able to remember some facts to tell Grandma so she thought I knew about Denmark! The best part was that I didn't hit any people, bikes, OR scooters!

We eventually ended up at a fountain near a big old church and I knew we were near the Little Mermaid. (Which by the way is going to China for a while!??!) There was lots of parking available so we decided to get out and walk to the top of the hill/fountain and go and see the Little Mermaid. The walk there was nice but it seemed that as soon as we arrived to the statue it got much colder and windier. We were the only ones there! Gee I wonder why...?

We took the obligatory pictures standing in front of the Little Mermaid and hurried back to the car. I don't even think we looked at the statue. :) Grandma has even seen the one in Switzerland but says it looks younger than this one; like a younger girl opposed to a teenager.

Then we took off to Sweden... After crossing another bridge that I don't want to talk about, we arrived in Malmo and drove around a bit. We decided we were tired and so we:
- found a hotel
- got upgraded to a nice suite
- ate a really yummy dinner
- went to bed. :)

The next day we went around Malmo. We did some shopping for food in toothpaste containers and saw the "Turning Torso". Food in toothpaste containers included everything from cheese and butter to caviar and shrimp in a something that looked just like a toothpaste container. AND. The Turning Torso is a huge twisting apartment complex and I can only imagine how expensive it is to live there!

Next stop in Sweden was Lund. Lund had lots of big old churches and other buildings and we walked through the streets for a bit. Lund is also the home of the evil parking garage that wouldn't let me pay and therefore wouldn't let us leave. I was getting close to ramming through the gate! I could write a post all about this and maybe one day I will... but I learned a valuable lesson which I will now pass on. NEVER PARK IN A FOREIGN PARKING GARAGE WHERE YOU CAN BECOME TRAPPED. We did get out... and I didn't have to damage any property.

Last stop in Sweden was Trellerborg on the southern coast. It was a bit smaller but we saw all the big ferries at the dock. It was getting darker and colder so we decided to start back towards Denmark.

After crossing both of those bridges again we eventually made it back to Denmark. We were going to take a ferry back, but I got scared because I had not looked into the ferries or their schedules. Plus it was dark and we couldn't see anything anyways. :) I had a great time with Grandma, I hope she enjoyed Sweden - I did!! :)


Mads and Kelli said...

Dont you just love showing off DK (and all of Scandinavia, for that matter!!) to our American families?!?!
Looks like a GREAT day!

Ingrid said...

Great to see the photos from Sweden. Sad you had such a bad weather. Lund is a really nice town (that is the town we belong to at home), but I have never heard anybody go to Trelleborg for tourism, especially not in the winter :-). Don't you have tubes for packaging food in US? We use that a lot in Sweden. The shrimp is with a kind of soft cheese. Yummie on bread.
Great to read about Scotty and his start at 'Börnehave'! I laughed when you wrote about him listening to the singing. It reminded me of our trip with Royal Carribean where Johan got a price in an activity for being the best listener to the fairytale, and he didn't know a word English :-) .
Hope you had a nice evening yesterday! See you!


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