Saturday, December 20, 2008

Paul's Birthday

Thanks for the help with the chocolate everyone, but Paul's birthday cake ended up being a frozen "whip cream" cake. :) I didn't have time to do anything that day because Andrea said I needed to spend some quality time walking around the house with her... A L L D A Y L O N G. Other children got in my way too. :) It wasn't a very productive day.

Today, in an attempt to make up for the lack of cake yesterday, I tried to make Hilde's mousse, which recently won an award for the best tasting thing ever. After locating the correct chocolate I took turns with Paul whipping the heck out of those egg whites by hand... my arm is still sore. The mousse was yummy, but I couldn't eat it knowing it was just raw eggs mixed with chocolate! Is having raw eggs normal or is that a Flemmish thing from Belgium? :)

For Paul's birthday we took a bus ride into town and saw all the christmas lights. It was fun... and COLD; so Scotty needed a cheeseburger to make him warm. (Everytime Scott sees the yellow M he proclaims, "I cold. I need cheeseburger to make me warm." This works because I thought it was cute so I bought him one the first time he said it... now it's still cute so it usually works for him. I am smart enough to know what I was getting myself into but it was just so cute!)

Anyways, we ended up at McDonalds, which Paul and I knew we would. It seems only fair that Paul's birthday dinner was at McDonalds since mine was too. Maybe some day we'll make it to a nice restauraunt... I estimate this will happen in 2.5 years. Maybe I need a paper chain to count down with. ANYWAYS. We ended up with NINE cheeseburgers because sometimes things get lost in translation. When we first moved here we'd always get wrong things when we ordered anywhere... either double what we wanted, or extra mustard instead of mustard... Once we almost ordered 15 baked potatoes at a restauraunt, but luckily the lady asked if that's what we really wanted! When Paul's parents came last summer to visit we got so many fries once it was silly! During that first six months we were here it was a huge accomplishment to get what we really wanted.

SO. That was the start of our Christmas Break. Now I get to spend 24 hours a day with all FOUR of my wonderful children until Jan 5th. Actually it should be fun... and I'm looking forward to not having to take them to school!!! :)


Anonymous said...

You used raw eggs for something you aren't going to bake or cook??
Why not use pastorized eggwhites for somehting which isn't going to br heated before eating? This way you will avoid any risk of salmonella.
Like these, which you can buy in every supermarket in Denmark:,0

Anonymous said...

Or product description of the pastorized egg whites in Englsih:

Tara said...

My mom did teach me not to eat raw eggs... I didn't realize I didn't cook it until I got half way through. :) I've never claimed to be a good cook!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I know Paul must totally appreciate the efforts.
but my favorite part of this post is the nine cheeseburgers....... I think you should take a photo each time there is a food miscommunication! You could have quite an album by the time you move!! LOL

'Babs' said...

There is no avoiding the big M!

Happy holidays :)


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