Monday, December 29, 2008

Scotty Ice Skated!

Our Exciting Weekend:

We drove to Copenhagen for the weekend and paid that silly toll again. UGH x 41 twice.

We went to Tivoli and saw all the Christmas lights and decorations and it was cute. It was also freezing! Tivoli did have something that I thought was the most ingenious thing EVER! It's this giant, metal, hot "table" full of red hot coals that burns propane somehow and it is SO warm! ...They probably permanently scar at least 10 children a year because they are just placed along walkways with no guards or anything around them; but I'm sure it cuts back on frostbite cases. These "hot places" are the only reason I lasted out there as long as I did. Every now and then it's good to feel your fingers again... I want one for the backyard. I wonder if Bilka has them. :)

We stayed at Dan Hostel which was amusing too. The last time in Copenhagen (after my Dad and his Marriott points left) we stayed at Dan Hostel as well... but in a different one by the river that had a family room. The family room was huge and there were 8 beds and our own bathroom so that's what we were kinda expecting. This time we had four beds and that's it. :) The room had enough room to walk between the bunk beds and the double bed, and just enough room to squeeze the stroller in... and the bathrooms were down the hall. It was fine for one night and we all had fun with it.

As for my thoughts on hostels; I always thought they were for spiky haired teenagers who ran away from home. :) We only saw one spiky haired teenager. Our room was very nice and clean; it was pretty quiet; we had a good heater in the room; and breakfast was just as good as some hotels we've been in. I'm sure you can get good and bad hostels, but I feel bad for having a negative view of them until now. I was quite proud of my $160 deal for hotel room, Tivoli tickets, and breakfast. It helped because we knew to bring our own sheets and so that saved an extra $70. Score one point for us! Oh, but then score 510 points for Denmark because we translated a parking sign wrong and got a 510 kroner parking ticket.

The highlight of my trip was definitely Scotty ice skating!! The girls are great little ice skaters since their PE class at the ice skating rink last year, but I wouldn't have thought Scotty, my little boy of routine and all-things-familiar, would have even touched an ice skate... plus he wasn't feeling too well.

When I asked him if he wanted to ice skate he said yes... so I quickly whisked him off and rented some skates for him and put them before he had a chance to change his mind. He made it around an entire lap and didn't cry or scream... he just said, "Hold my hand so I don't fall." A small potty accident ended his first ice skating lesson but today I went to see if I could find some Scotty-sized skates so we can go again. :) Very cute little boy. He's feeling better now. It must be a 24 hour thing.


Amy said...

Congratulations to your son's skating! Is your husband wearing shorts on the ice rink????????

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I love that you knew to bring your own girl!!

but the parking ticket....UGH! I have had one of those as well and it is awful! soooo expensive! But to get ice skating pics with Scotty makes it all worth it!

Ingrid said...

Happy New Year to all of you!
Now I have been reading about all the great things you have done during the break and seen all the lovely photos. You must have been rather busy to have time to do all those things!
Everything is fine with us. Tomorrow the children should play with some more friends and at Saturday we drive back to Århus.
School starts at Monday the 5th. In Sweden they start at the 7th or 8th...The 6th is a holiday here.
Look forward to see you soon again.
Ingrid and the rest of the family


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