Friday, January 2, 2009

Another Year...

WHOO HOOO! Here we go for another year!!

I did look through my little blog yesterday and it was fun to re-read what I wrote and see where we've been the last year. I read about the first day I found cream cheese, how I learned to cook and ride the bus, when Scotty started talking and going pee-pees in the potty AND then to bornehaven, and I just skipped over August and that whole "giving birth thing"... I did look at all Andrea's pictures. :) She's so big now!! :)

New Years Eve was fun. We had a family come over with their kids and we had a small party. There were disco lights and dancing, tablebombs and sparklers, and jello and unhealthy things to eat... so according to the kids it was the great! Scotty and Andrea didn't quite make it until midnight. Poor Number 3 passed out in a beanbag chair still gripping the wii remote control in his little hand.

Midnight was, as expected, CRAZY!! Last time we watched it all from a balcony and you could see the whole skyline light up. (I refer you to last years blog post for a video. :) ) This year we went outside in our driveway and fireworks were exploding ALL around us... in every direction there were huge fireworks exploding high in the sky!! You'd hear the "zzzzzzzz" of one shooting up into the air and you would turn to watch it only to hear the "zzzzz" of another one wiggling up into the air. I'd never seen them so close before! I still can't believe regular people are shooting these huge, explosive things off!! I don't think I could name anything that Denmark does better than America, but the Danes have the firework thing down. :)

After a half hour of "grand-finale" worthy fireworks we went back inside because we were frozen. I stayed outside by myself for a while and listened to the "zzzzzzz" of fireworks zipping off into the sky. It was really cool. They don't shoot straight up, they squiggle like a snake slithers... very neat. I think everyone should put this on their list of things to see before they die: See New Years Eve Fireworks in Denmark.

3 and 4 slept through it all. The booms were so constant it was a continual noise so it didn't seem to bother them. I tried to wake 3 up but he was so warm and snuggly in his little bed I couldn't bring myself to do it. Andrea woke up at 1:30am when the rest of us were finally ready for bed... so I spent some 2009 time with little "Poozle" before getting to sleep. (Poozle is her new nickname; short for Caterpoozel of course)

We also did our New Year's resolutions today too... We have 13 and they include... pet the cats more, listen to more music, get an allowance, and eat our vitamins. :)

Paul left for Boston today and he has a layover in Iceland. I told him to buy me a present at the airport there so I could have something from Iceland. :) I think Iceland sounds fun. AND I hear they have Taco Bell there!

Here's my test of uploading a video through google instead of youtube. I dislike youtube. I don't know why, I just do. You are allowed to dislike something for no reason IF you acknowledge you don't have any reasons opposed to making up reasons. However I do have a youtube account to share videos. If you search for rabbitbearbug you might find all my movies. ...all seven of them. :)

... It's Scotty at Play Gym (in Danish)!

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Kelli Nørgaard said...

love the videos.....and seriously, TACO BELL in ICELAND?!! Who would have thought?! LOL

Looking forward to a great 2009!


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