Saturday, January 24, 2009

i am sick.

...and when you are sick and typing with one hand while hiding under the covers on your bed you don't need capital letters because that would be too much effort. i don't know why but being sick makes me want to go home. i am bored. i have nothing left in english to read, maybe i'll finish that harry potter book so my daughter will think i am cool. i guess if i was super desperate i could read my husbands boring economist magazines... watching mindless tv in english would be nice right now too. im thirsty. i hope one of my daughters come to check on me soon. andrea is delivered to me when she needs fed, but then i cough and she gets mad at me.

i wonder how they decided which letters would go where on the keyboard. perhaps i'll google it. that will amuse me for a while...


Kelli Nørgaard said...

I wish we lived closer and I would run some chick-flicks or chick-novels to you!!!!
Stay under the covers!

Anonymous said...

Here's the answer to your keyboard layout question.

Computer Desktop Encyclopedia: QWERTY keyboard

The standard English language typewriter keyboard. Q, W, E, R, T and Y are the letters on the top left, alphabetic row. Designed by Christopher Sholes, who invented the typewriter, the keyboard layout was organized to prevent people from typing too fast and jamming the keys. The QWERTY layout was included in the drawing for Sholes' patent application in 1878.

'Babs' said...

I've got a zillion english books. Once I have finished with my latest nervous breakdown I'll bring you one. Or lend you an Oprah mag.


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