Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow and more skating

What should you do when it's -3 outside and snowing? You should round up every blanket and pillow in the house, plop them in a big pile in front of the TV, make some popcorn, and watch cartoons with your kids. What do I do?? I take all four children into town via the bus, to go ice skating at the outdoor rink. :)

It was worth it though because Scotty went ice skating again. He's my hero! At first he told me no, but after watching the girls for a while he said, "I need skates, I go in big circle." So the girls took turns on Andrea Patrol and off Scotty and I went. He even got stable enough to have the girls help him!

Truth be told though, I never would have left the house if it wasn't for a friend who had agreed to meet us there. Thanks Kerstin! After skating we went out for some $6.00 hot chocolates and I then made the super-smart decision, based on a desperate need for milk, to take all the kids shopping at the mall; which was packed because it was the first Sunday of the month... when stores are actually open and willing to take people's money.

It was okay though. We found a swimming suit for Michaela which she promises she will wear and we found the cutest little $60 ice hockey skates for Scotty which I didn't buy. :) ...soon

OH yah, the snow... According to my standards it snowed lots! I LOVE watching it snow. I LOVE taking pictures of the kids playing in snow. Snow is fun and I wouldn't mind living somewhere where it snowed lots... only for a couple weeks though. :) There is still snow on the ground and according to our car, and the banks and gas stations on the way to school this morning it was -7, -8, and -10 degrees. BRRR... so the snow isn't going anywhere. :)

Check out little poozle. She is thinking about rolling over. We don't leave her on the couch by herself anymore. :) She thinks flopping onto her side is fun. Her sisters cheer her on and Scotty just looks at her. He does call her by name though... Usually when he's saying I need to, "put and-ah down"

Happy, hurry home. I had to catch a maimed mouse at 2am all by myself.... a definite boy task. :) Buy graham crackers and froot loops. Scotty says the froot loops from Germany are "bad", and I agree - yuck...

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Kelli Nørgaard said...

next time it is cold you can do the popcorn, pillows and movie since that could be ANY DAY between now and easter!

I am so glad you guys got as much snow as we did in Herning.


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