Thursday, January 8, 2009


I just took pictures (and about 40 movies Michaela and her friend made) off my camera... here are my favorites. :) Coke can froze outside. Brrr.

Oh, and Scotty cried when he got home from bornehaven today and saw that the tree was no longer in the driveway.


Ingrid said...

You are amazing! Driving around with that tree just for entertaining us :-) . But I must say that I think they express themself in a very unclear way, so it is NOT surprising that you misunderstood!!!
We still have our tree left inside..., we only had it one day before Christmas before leaving for Sweden, so now we wanted to enjoy it for some days, but at the weekend we will take it to Bauhaus ;-) .
What about Herman? Hugs Ingrid

Ingrid said...

The photos are lovely and at least I can see you have a warm house inside, we don't. Brrrr.


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