Sunday, January 11, 2009

Michaela's Blog

Michaela has requested I write something "interesting" on my blog. She is my most devoted reader and frequently quotes my blog word for word when we are out talking with others. :) She is very good at repeating what I say as well. I'm just waiting for her to say, "My mom says they should tear down Europe and build another America." PERHAPS MICHAELA SHOULD NOT REPEAT WHAT I SAY TO OTHERS least not that last sentence please. :) But I guess she's just being a good ten year old girl. :)

I will now promote Michaela's blog. :) It used to be a "Harry Potter Question" blog but her questions really had no answers because she would find the things Little Miss J.K. Rowling had overlooked. SO It has changed into an anything blog. Actually, she wanted it to be a dinner blog so she could report on what her mother feeds her. This idea came to her because I have been feeding them some interesting dinners while Paul has been away... Hot Dogs, Eggs and Toast, Tacos ...some of Paul's less favorite things. (Since Paul got home last night I had to make a dumb meatloaf and I should write a little story about my attempt to get 500g of meat at 5:30pm on a Saturday since my meat had gone bad and I had already made the mix. Finding meat did not go well since every store was closed. GRRRRR. Is there a good reason for stores to close at 5pm on a Saturday? I had to find meat at the 7-11ish store." We ate our meatloaf, Happy was Happy - mission accomplished. :) )

SO. Follow the little link to her blog... it's on the right hand side over there -------------->


Anonymous said...

There's a good reason to close the stores at the weekends. So the employees can enjoy the weekends too and not having to go to work.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

be glad you live in the BIG CITY... stores in Herning close at 2 or 3 on Saturdays.... and of course, are all closed on Sundays, except the first Sunday of the month. I am amazed at how quickly I adapted to that schedule! I figured my "24 hour super walmart" self would be in shock for years... lol

headed over to check out Michaela´s blog now! I think it is awesome that she is doing this!

Anonymous said...

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