Thursday, January 22, 2009

Be nice... you're an American.

I was getting my kids ready for a play date with one of their friends from another country. :) As I was telling them all the bad things that I would do them if they didn't behave; I told them, "Be nice because you are an American." :)

I do feel as if we need to be on our even better behavior because this could give a families an impression of "an American". :) I don't want others to think we are loud, rude, and obnoxious as the stereotype states. I hate that stereotype... although when we travel I can see where it comes from. :(

I want people to think... "OH, What a nice little American family. America must be great. I love Americans." :)

I know a family from Sweden. I think they are some of the nicest people I know. The kids are well behaved, the parents are friendly... To me this means people from Sweden are nice. :) I know another family from a different country... Their kids are all crazy and mean to others, and the parents seem distant and unapproachable. So to me this means people from there are not as nice. OH! I'm sure there are plenty of nice people from their country... I am just explaining my point... I just think my kids should be polite and well mannered especially as visitors from another country.

I like being an American. Sometimes people think we are British because we speak English, Ewwww... :) (kidding mUm) but I like having the opportunity to say, "Nope, We are from the States." I'm proud to be an American sounds pretty cheesy, but I'm happy to be from there.

...and when people usually ask I usually say "I'm from the States." Not "I'm from America." Sometimes I say "I'm from California"... I may have said occasionally "I'm from the United States.", but never "I'm from the United States of America." or, "I'm from the USA." :) Make sense? Hope so because Poozle just woke up... bye


Ninster said...

I'm right with you, Tara! I have to say, that you are amazing writing an entry everyday! I just don't have time anymore to post an entry in my blog! Oh, yeah, I went back to school and trying to get my CPA @ the University of North Texas! Now I'm really too busy to post an entry to my blog page! Kudos to you, Tara!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

you are a better American than I am because I tell people "I am from TEXAS" LOL

Ingrid said...

I am with you. I think you are right, we are representing our countries when we are abroad, even if I haven't thought about it that much.
Swedes are not that patriotic. The debates about it in Sweden means it is because we haven't been involved in any wars for over 100 years. I don't know. I think everybody should be proud of their home countries. It is a privilege and it must be hard if you can't be that. I think it would make you feel rootless.
We love Americans!!!
Please, please, please say that we are that sweet and nice family from Sweden that you are mentioned?! :-))
I can tell you not all Swedish families are nice!!!! There are all kinds of people everywhere.
And your family is great!.
Hugs, Ingrid

Michaela said...

Can you tell me when you post


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