Monday, January 12, 2009

I love my Volvo

All it takes is one good day of bus riding to remember how much I LOVE my car. After taking the kids to school today I had to give the car to Paul so he could drive to Billund for work. So I am currently carless until tomorrow. :)

Today I had to pick up Scotty from bornehaven which is a short walk and then a seven minute bus ride and then another short walk. Simple Enough... and it was simple enough, but it was so cold and windy! The bad part was that it was a bus route I don't normally take and they have the old, ghetto buses ...the ones where there are three steep steps to get on. Try getting a big stroller and a three year old up and down those steps. ...and once you get on there are no seats to sit on back there... new buses are MUCH better; no steps and seats.

It was just really cold outside and it was misty and Andrea was unhappy and Scotty was tired and needed a shoulder ride... and did I mention it was cold?

Regarding the bus steps. If there is someone getting on the bus with you they will always offer to help you on. The stops I was getting on/off at were not popular ones so I was the only one there. Once a lady got out of her seat and came out to help me... very nice! Another time a guy who had just got off helped me on... very nice as well! See, I'm not just going to write about the nasty people I meet.

SO. I am happy to have "The Brick" (the big heavy Volvo). I'm also happy the family we carpool with is back from their vacation so they picked up the girls! Phew. That ride would have been the big two hour ride that I can't believe I did twice a day last year!!

It's good to subject oneself to public transportation to remember how much you appreciate your car. Of course this would not have been possible anywhere else we've lived. The buses here really do go everywhere. The buses even go to the ice skating lessons we were going to go to tonight, but we'll start on Wednesday instead. It's too cold and dark now. :)


Kelli Nørgaard said...

amen and amen....

I will take our 94 civic anyday over the bus.

'Babs' said...

Mmm, yes, food for thought, and we were just considering getting rid of the car and moving somewhere with better public transport. Or just taking taxis LOL!

Lisa said...

OK, you are scaring me with all this talk about what prob. will be mode of transportation ;)

Ingrid said...

I agree with you, I also love my Volvo :-) .
We got a message to you on our Volvo yesterday. I was in Germany so I didn't saw it, Rikard told me when I came home. I give it to you after school today.
See you!

Anonymous said...
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