Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sun on the Side

I think it's getting lighter outside. It's 9am and it's bright outside. Yippie!! The ground has white snow on it so that may make it look lighter, but at least it makes you less tired. Actually I think we get a few extra minutes of sunlight every day... so soon enough I'll start to complain about it being sunny until 10pm and trying to convince Scott to go to bed/stay in bed when the sun is awake.

The sun was out yesterday and I remembered something I learned last year about the Danish sun. The Danish Winter Sun doesn't go up and over the sky; it never is directly up in that "high noon" position. It only does this "rainbow" move off to the side. Fine enough, right? Nope. It's not so good because this means that the sun is right in your eyes all day long. :)

I guess I just thought the sun went really fast across the sky. :) Not really. :) I never really gave it much thought.

Okay, Andrea and I are off to WALK to the store. BRRRRR. At least it's warmed up to -1. BRRRRR. But this baby fat isn't going to go away by itself. Every day I've created a super great excuse for NOT walking to the store and once even sent the girls. :) But it's been five months and my pants are still a little too tight when I first put them on. :) (Shhhh... don't tell anyone!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you learned me somethnig new about denmark! That is why the sun always shines in the eyes!!!
hope to see you soon, instead of driving you by all the time...



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