Wednesday, January 21, 2009

: )

I haven't been very good at writing... I don't even have a good reason. Mondays and Tuesdays are usually my busiest because I'm trying to get everything done for the week... and then I tend to pass out while putting Poozle to sleep.

Scotty's English speaking teacher's last day is tomorrow... at least I got her phone number so she can babysit for us later. Good Luck little Scotty!

Michaela and Sierra are in ice skating now. WHOO HOO for me figuring that one out too. Actually I'm a pro at this now... You show up, you smile, you say "ya-i tayler lit densk" so they appreciate that you are trying to learn the language... :) Then you just leave your kids and run!! If you stay behind to coddle the children they will become scared; if you just leave them, they go into survival mode and figure it out. :) Sierra about lost it when I first left her at the edge of the rink, but I scurried off and DIDN'T LOOK AT HER and within three minutes she was loving it! (and speaking English to her English speaking teacher) :)

Yes, Obama is the new president. We watched the whole thing on CNN and then flipped through the channels to hear it in every other language. The girls watched it too. They were happy to hear that America is in charge. :)

Now may be a good time to comment on smiley faces since I just stated "America is in charge :) " My husband hates smiley faces. :) I tend to litter my writing with them. Even when I had a paying job I would send out business emails with them. :) I like em'. Typing is so blah. It doesn't show any real emotion, you can't see the sarcasm, which I tend to use quite a bit. :) SO... I'll toss in a smiley to make sure that people don't get offended. I'd hate for someone to get mad at me unless I really was trying to be mean.

PAUL doesn't use smiley faces. I take that back... he did once and it saved him. If he didn't put a :) in his email to me I would have thought he was being mean and gotten mad at him. Then I would have cooked him spaghetti and beans for dinner... that's what he gets when I'm mad at him. :)

;) and ;0 and :p Those are too much. I don't use them.


Lisa said...

I have always said "Puctuation Faces" were my top pet peeve. As of late I have used ;) it has been growing in me. I do find it useful as I am very sarcastic and you can not read tone in an e-mail. Although I do not know if I could use it at work ;)

Kelli Nørgaard said...

lol... I love this! I used to always use the standard smiley face that turns into a real face in word... :-) Then my viking influenced me to start making them "his" way... ok, he never really said a word...they just grew on me!! So now, I litter my type with :o) so I have a cute little round nose! Totally unprofessional, but I love ´em!

You loving Daughter Michaela said...

Jeg taler lit dansk


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