Sunday, January 18, 2009

I ditched ALL four kids!

Tak very much Ingrid! Paul and I had a wonderful time!

Last night Paul and I went to restaurant all by ourselves!!! WHOA!! The group of people he works with did something good so they got a nice dinner reward and spouses got to tag along!!

It was a very cute place where they bring you a small and pretty piece of something and then they tell you all about it before you eat it. "You will now be eating a sea scallop that was found eighty-two feet off the Belgium shore. It is resting on a bed of pea-puree, made of peas grown in France. Under that is...." It was all very unique and complicated but yummy... okay, I thought some of it was icky, but I did eat it. :) (I just don't like caviar or raw salmon or scallops. The taste was very unique and yummy though... I just don't do the slobbery texture thing.)

And guess what Mikey and Kev?? Our soup cups in this fancy restaurant were black squished cups like the ones I sent you!! So that's what they are for... go drink some soup out of yours!

Anyways, we wouldn't have been able to go out if it wasn't for Ingrid and her family who took Andrea for the evening. I dropped her off with her swing, all her favorite toys, some rice cereal, and a bottle of baby formula (which she didn't like/drink). We picked up a happy, sleeping baby at 11:00pm and came back home where she (and I) slept until 4:00AM!! Oh, those other three kids I have? We had a babysitter come to the house for them and they too were all sleeping happily when we returned. Yay!!

There's even more good news! I found an older babysitter for later, one of Scotty's teachers from the bornehaven. She said that she would babysit for us, and she old enough to handle all four!! we may just try this night out thing again!


Kelli Nørgaard said...

what a great night...and what a great friend! I am so happy you 2 had some GROWN UP TIME!!

Lisa said...

Awsome! Not the icky slobery stuff, but that you were able to go out with out the kids. It is wonderful to have kids and go places with them, but it is all to easy to forget to have "Us time". I hope you do it again soon.


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