Friday, January 16, 2009

Just stuff...

Need to catch up with kids reports... I will have to comment on ziplock baggies, British words I dislike, and the use of smiley faces later. :)

First and MOST important... Andrea has found her feet!!! AND she find them to be very convenient toys to chew on. :) She is still the happiest little thing ever. We were surprised to also see that her little blue eyes are turning darker. :) She even has a little more fuzzy hair on her bald little head.

We moved Scotty's train table from the "toy room" to his bedroom upstairs. He now loves the table like it was new. He was so excited to see it up there... it was better than Christmas for the little guy. He's playing with Andrea now too. I think he kinda likes her... just a little bit though. He will line up toys around her blanket and push buttons on her favorite new singing frog toy. (Thanks Auntie Tiff from many years ago!!) One day in the car she was crying and he even tried to help by showing her his game boy and allowing her to touch the buttons. She stopped crying (for a little while) and I think this made him realize he can make her happy/quiet. Often she isn't even watching they toys though... she's just watching him. :)

Yesterday as I was cleaning up apple juice from ALL OVER the floor she was crying and Scotty was DEMANDING I attend to her. :) At least they are becoming friends. ...and nobody else is allowed to touch her toys. He promptly will take them away and give them to her. :) It's cute and he's sort of being nice, so we allow it.

Last, but not least... Here is Herman. He is a fermenting little "Friendship" cake that will last forever! Hilde gave him to us and he's alive. :) We've been nurturing him every day according to his instructions and when he grows big enough... we will cook and eat him. (First we will split him up and give him to our friends.) In theory we could eat Herman forever!


The girls went to a trial ice skating class a few days ago. I really liked it. I'm very appreciative when teachers will go out of their way to speak English to them and help them. It makes me smile to see others helping my kids. I mean, their swimming class was good and the teacher nice and helpful, but often I thought the teacher would just let them be instead of actually working with them to tell them how to do it correctly and show them how to do it better. If they like ice skating I'll sign them up... I decided I won't force them to do it. :) I think this is one of those things that if they aren't into it they wouldn't be any good anyways. Swimming you need to know so you don't drown. :) Volleyball... that was just me being mean.


Kelli Nørgaard said...

sounds like it has been a great week in the Happy House! Ziplocs can wait... discovering feet---WAY better!

Nana said...

I had some of that friendship cake was very good. I never wanted a start of it though because you always had to keep it going and keep giving it away. Love the pictures. I can't read the words on your leading picture though. XOXO

Lisa said...

I just enjoy the pics of the sweet kids. You are very blessed!


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