Friday, January 23, 2009

510 more points.

Denmark scored 510 more points yesterday. I got a parking ticket and I have no idea why.

I went into town with Andrea and we did some shopping all morning. I parked in the same place I always park... It's my secret spot where you don't have to pay. :) HA. I've parked there a million times. ...and this time I even pulled in between two other parked cars.

No, I didn't forget my P-skiver*. I husked** it. :) But I don't even think I needed it. There wasn't any signs for parking at all. I don't know, but I was really unhappy about it. I was more unhappy to lose my "secret parking spot". I knew I should have taken the bus.

*A P-skiver is a little clock on the bottom of your car's windshield. You set it to read the time you arrived so you can get a ticket if you stay longer than you are allowed.

**Husk is Danish for remember.

I'll put some pictures up later today because all this typing is getting boring. :)


Kelli Nørgaard said...

ugh! I feel your pain! I got one in my first 3 months here! Because I "HUSKEDE IKKE"! LOL

And once I came from the gym and a woman was standing next to my car and said (in danish of course) "Lucky just made it! In one more minute, I was writing you a ticket!" LADY, I AM TRYING TO STAY HEALTHY ! And from the size of her body, she had not been in a gym in... well, EVER! :o)

Michaela said...

I just realized points for you are good Denmark bad


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