Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dumb Weather

Here are my thoughts on the weather here in magical Germany.

My feet are cold. I have on jeans and a sweatshirt. It's pouring rain outside. It's August. So dumb. I'm freezing. August and I'm cold.

So very, very dumb.

The weather here is absolutely terrible. Why on earth do people choose to live in such a gray and cold place? Well I guess that's a stupid question because I happen to live here, but sometimes I think I'm a little stupid to agreeing to it. Why aren't there good jobs in warm places?

Yes, I realize this a pointless thing to complain about, but the laptop is warm on my lap.

I don't know if I'll make it this winter. It's August and I'm already tired of being cold. Time to start my insulation plan I guess, and we'll see if it helps, but I'm not too hopeful. This is so dumb to be so cold already. It's been raining for a week straight and that is getting a little old too.

I've tried to be welcoming of the cold weather and have the "oh-we-can-snuggle-under-blankets-and-sip-on-comfy-warm-soup" attitude, but let's be honest that there is no bright side of cold toes.

Watching TV and seeing people warm is depressing. Looking at pictures I've taken over the summer and seeing the sun and seeing us warm is depressing. Andrea even sees pictures of us in Canada at the cottage and asks for her life jacket... that's sad. I wonder if she will find her snow suit as enjoyable...

My insulation plan will start in Andrea's room. I will cover her windows with plastic and add another thick curtain to the window. I've also been saving egg cartons all year and I'm not opposed to stapling them onto the wall if necessary. Today while putting Andrea down for a nap I decided I'd just make every room a foot smaller on every wall and insulate it myself.

OK. I'm done. I won't complain anymore. I'll get off the couch and go something to take my mind off the miserable weather. Sitting here watching Happy's motocross races of people riding their bikes in the hot, bright sun sure isn't helping either. It actually makes me angry and resentful, that they are warm and I am not. That's probably not healthy. :)

If people say they like this weather they are lying. They are lying to make themselves feel better. I'll try lying to myself for a while though... but first I'm going to make some artichokes. That will require the stove to be on for an hour and that will make the kitchen warm... then I'll sit in there.

Well, I've amused myself for eight minutes here and I'm feeling a little better. Not warmer, just better...



Anonymous said...

we had the same weather here last week.. but now they predict more sun.. look on the bright side.. It will surely go southwards... You can always cross the border to catch some sunshine ;-))


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bubble wrap is excellent insulation to stick on windows!

Archaeogoddess said...

It's also horrifically cold here in DK. I'm in long underwear already and we've been using the wood stove almost every night last week. We're currently trying to estimate our average nightly wood consumption and figure out if it's cheaper to buy more wood or use the radiators. Because we're going to be out of wood by October, easily.

Mads and Kelli said...

I know what you mean.. I actually like the chilly fall weather and that we really have FALL in DK, but I do not like that it comes in August... late Sept, ok, but AUGUST?! CRAZY! :-)

Ingrid said...

Oh, you are so fun!!!
I agree with all the others commenting. August seems to have been cold in all northern Europe. August shall be a warm and nice summer month! You have been here long enough now to know this isn't normal. Last week I had two pairs of socks on and two pairs of t-shirts until R came home and turned on the heat. You should not do that in AUGUST! Stupid! My toes and fingers are always cold in England..... BUT the last days has been better, not like summer heat, but sunny and nice. I am desperate so I am thankful for everything that isn't cloudy or rainy.


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