Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm back.

Well, I've taught you all to be thankfull when I write things on my blog because you are sad when you log on and see that I have been a slacker and not written anything. I hope you appreciate me more now.

Since I last wrote my two more of my kids had birthdays and they all have started school. YIPPIE!!! Scotty turned FIVE on the 22nd and Sierra is TEN today, the 23rd!!! :)

These reasons, by the way, are why I haven't had time to sit in one place for more than eight minutes in the last two weeks.

But now I am back to dropping the three of them off at 8:30am and then retrieving them at 3:00pm! Although I do keep the loudest little monster at home. I have also again decided to take away her nap since she prefers to party until midnight and I just can't handle that anymore. So no nap today and Little Miss Monster fell asleep at the dinner table tonight while still holding a piece of bacon in her mouth. She was sleeping and chewing at the same time. :) She woke up to the flash of the camera though because it was hilarious to see.

SO. Currently my house is a fiasco. There is frosting in the rug, grapes on the staircase, and spaghetti noodles in the closet. I have no idea how the noodles got there, I have some theories about the grapes, and the frosting is obvious. Scotty's birthday party was yesterday and I've learned boys are crazy. Girls show up and they are shy and timid and do whatever craft you have thoughtfully planned for them. Boys show up and they jump on each other, turn balloons into weapons, and screech for no apparent reason. WoW. :)

Scotty's party was actually fun. We invited four boys from school over and one of the moms, Shelly, stayed thankfully and helped out. I had turned down all offers of help, because, come on... how hard can five little kids be? HA!!! Luckily some moms know more than me... and Shelly stayed for crowd control and making up games to keep the violence to a minimum. She knows some great tricks, my favorite being "Hold Your Bubble", but please don't ask her what happens when you hold the bubble in too long. :)

After his party was over I had invited the boys families to come have dinner with us and it was fun having my house full of people again. We often had an overflowing house in Denmark and I think I missed it... :)

When everyone left Sierra told me she wanted cupcakes to take to school the next morning so instead of cleaning I made cupcakes. And frosted them. And decorated with marshmallows as she had requested. PS. Need more chocolate frosting everyone. :) THEN we made her birthday invitations because her party will be this next weekend. I wanted to make sure the day before her birthday had some "day before your birthday" fun.

Then I went to bed.

Which is why today my house is still a fiasco. Today was Sierra's birthday and so we opened some presents but saved the big one for her party on Saturday. Mostly because Paul isn't here and he will want to be there for this super great gift he thought of. She didn't mind waiting because the other presents were amusing enough... some real walkie-talkies that might even work with her friend down the street.

Sierra requested a breakfast dinner so I made a big breakfast and we finished with some fruit smoothies and some of Scotty's leftover cake. :)

So as you can see I've been a little preoccupied and find myself not writing because I'm too lazy to get the pictures downloaded and I think that just reading my writing in boring. But I guess reading is better than seeing nothing new. :)

I'm off to clean the house.

Not true. I'm off to study for the German drivers test. Even though I traded my American drivers license in for a Canadian one because IN THEORY I will be able to trade the Canadian one in for a German one withOUT taking the test... but for some reason I just don't trust that it will be that easy. Nothing here is easy. In Canada I filled out a half page form and four minutes and fifty dollars later I had a Canadian license. All you need is an address for them to send it too. :)

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Ingrid said...

WOW, I already knew you are a great mom and now I got it confirmed again. I feel tired just reading all about it. It must be your young age helping you out with all this...
So, your house is a chaos with frosting on the broadlooms (is that the word you use?, found it in my dictionary). Now I have those broadlooms (carpets) all over my house and my kids are hardly allowed to move around nethertheless to EAT anything without hanging with their heads over a table, since I am so scared to get spots on those (thinking of using that f-word, but understand how extremely rude that would be) broadlooms. What do you do? Do you have some miracle cleaing stuff from US if you get serious spots on the carpets?
Great birthdays for your children! I am really curious to hear about Sierras surprise for the weekend. (May it be a trip to London...?)
Sounds smart to have A into new sleeping routins. I really appreciate having some time by myself (or with R) after the children have fallen asleep.
I know about boys party thats why I often plan them outside somewhere :-)) . I guess it was GREAT to have so many new friends over for dinner and I am sure they appreciated that too. I look forward to hear more about your new "German" friends further on!
Today starts school over here and our children left with the school bus an hour ago... It is VERY quiet in here...
Have a great day! Hugs.


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