Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Poozie

Andrea is TWO. :) Has been for a couple weeks now, her birthday was on August 7th... but here are some pictures finally!

Here is her birthday cake... just like her favorite brown bunny.

This was my plan for decorating all the cupcakes....until the kids decided to help and it turned into "smash-and-pile-as-much-candy-as-you-can-on-your-cupcake." Oh well, kids had fun I guess.

Here is some party pictures. Andrea's two birthdays have both been at the cottage in Canada and so she gets to have all her cousins to party with! This year, these cousins made small sandcastles for Andrea to stomp on and kick since that is one of her favorite things to do. :)

When it was time to sing Happy Birthday and give her the cake she cried and screamed at it. She was not impressed with my bunny cake. :(

She wasn't too excited about the presents either. She was afraid of them. We even showed her there were toys and fun things inside, but she still hated it. I felt like a weenie because she just kept crying as we opened gifts. We finally had to stop. :(

Later that night I tried again and she started crying at the sight of the gifts. Finally I unwrapped them in another room and just gave them to her. Then she was happy and excited to see them. Guess that will save some wrapping time at Christmas. Weird Kid. She gets the "weird" from her dad.

She also got her first baby doll. :) I was happy because I had tried to pick out a doll for her so many times but I just couldn't find the perfect one. Auntie Sandra found a perfect baby doll for her and it came complete with bottles and a blankey and pillow so it was a winner.


Nana said...

Sooooo CUTE!

PiNG aka Patti said...

Happy Birthday to Poozie! My brother's bday is also Aug 7!


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