Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Scotty!

My little boy is FIVE! :) Five seems so old. :( I miss my four year old Scotty, but I think the five year old one should be fun.

His party was fun. We invited his best friends from school over. Clay and Franklin and his brother Oliver are American, and Koh is from Japan. They were an active group of little people. :)

For lunch we had corn dogs. WAY BETTER than my last attempt because I had bought the super-mega-deep-frier the day before. After discussing corn dogs in great deal with another poor American mom we decided that oil temperature was crucial for a good corn dog, and fixing this problem required a HUGE $150 kitchen appliance. Great. At least they tasted good. :)

Then we threw water balloons off the balcony. :) I thought the boys would like to throw balloons at Michaela and Sierra, but in the end they wanted us to throw them at them. Andrea had a great time tossing them off the balcony one after the other too. Oh, and we lost the big red bowl over the balcony too. That was sad.

We played on the trampoline. Holding bubbles. Holding bubbles was a trick so they would stop the unreal screeching that made me ears cry.

We hunted for hidden lego toys. Then we built them. That was a nice quiet moment.

We opened presents and ate cake. Scotty liked his cake. Making his cake was stressful and required a cute engineer to step in and help. It also required a paper towel roll... and some masking tape. It also required me staying up until midnight. It was worth it though, Scotty loved it.

Their families came over and we ate spaghetti. Then everyone left. :)


Lindsey Hinrichs said...

Really cool cake, Tara! Looks like a fun party! Miss you guys!

Ingrid said...

WOW WOW WOW, I REALLY understand why you weren't blogging for so many days at that time!
The cake is absolutely amazing (again). I truly think you could work with making personal birthday cakes to people!!
What did the landlord downstairs say about your water balloon activity....?
What is corn dogs? Vegetarian hot dogs made from corn?


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