Thursday, August 26, 2010

Motocross Superstars

Back up to Canada...

:) These pictures were taken at Paul's brother's house... They live on the top of a huge HILL overlooking the entire city. It's like the oldest house in town and it's a HUGE farm house and it's tons of fun.

Michaela and Sierra tried out the dirtbikes after some lessons from Madison.

Michaela did a jerking start, almost stalling it... but eventually got a hang of the clutch and did fine. She got off asking for a dirtbike of her own. :)

This is the only picture I have of Sierra because when she took a turn on the smaller, automatic bike she just took off. I chased her to the backyard where she was supposed to round the trampoline and head back on the same path, but I caught a glimpse of her flying around the other side of the house. She blew through the bushes and some tree branches and barreled through the front yard; she swerved past the car in the driveway and straight out the front gate. Eventually she stopped and was a little distraught. :) I think she did awesome since she didn't crash into a single thing... and it was a pretty tough course she maneuvered through.


Nana said...

Awesome job Michaela and Sierra! I'm so glad you didn't crash! Love the pictures.

Ingrid said...

OH, sounds a bit scary to me... but I am sure the girls loved it. Johan would have been in heaven if he could have tried that!


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