Friday, January 21, 2011

Hey Hockey Mom!

Obviously my resolution wasn't to write on my blog more.

Oh well.

I only have one moderately amusing story I feel like telling. :)

I am the new helper with Scotty's field hockey. I don't know if I'm prepared to call myself the assistant because I'm not sure how much longer I'll last ...those kids are nuts. :)

That's the reason I'm helping. Nobody even technically asked me. At the last field hockey practice the kids were out of control and going crazy. There are nearly 20 kids and one coach is not enough. Especially when the coach is a super nice German man who is extra quiet when speaking English. So at last practice I put Andrea on my shoulders and went to help a line of four kids who were running around...

I don't know anything about hockey, but I know that the stick has to stay on the ground and the objective is to hit the ball into the other teams goal. That's enough to start with.

After the practice I went to the nice quiet German coach and offered my help in the future. He said, "Yes!!! PLEEEAAASEEEE".

SO there you have it. I told the other moms I need a Hockey Mom shirt now. :)

I'm not sure how much longer I'll last though. In all honestly I think I'm having a hard time NOT being in charge. It took me one week to learn I don't do "assistant" well. :) I would have had kids doing push ups and running laps for not listening... :) I'll keep trying, it would be nice to do something with just Scotty.

I do miss coaching the kids' soccer teams and helping with the kids makes me happy. Even if I'm not in control. :)

My amusing story: There was this little girl at practice. She was new and probably 8 or 9. While I was helping her try and hold the stick right I figured out she didn't speak English, so I assumed she spoke German.

Now I'm feeling proud that I can say some words to her in German.
"Right" (richtig)
"It's your turn." (du bist strand)
"Slowly" (langzon)

Yah, I'm awesome like that now...

I am thinking she is understanding me and liking me because I'm cool and I speak fluent German. I just figured she was just shy...

Nope, turns out she speaks Hebrew. Poor thing was stuck listening to my substandard German words. I didn't even know you could speak Herbew. I guess I did, but I've heard heard a real person speak it, let alone a tiny little blonde haired 8 year old. It was cute. I guess I should learn some Hebrew words for her.

Guess my story wasn't very amusing... but it was amusing for me. :) ...and I needed something to write about.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!

Z :)

franziengland said...

Well done! I bet you are super at this. I have seen you during your children's birthday parties, I guess this is the same just more often and more children.
I loved the story with the little girl and I think any practise with your German is great so just "keep up the good job" as EVERY teacher loves to write to the children (Swedish teachers never say that... I don't know what they say instead, but not that anyway).


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