Friday, January 7, 2011

Ingrid's Blog

Remember when my Danish friends who aren't really Danish came to see me? It's great here in Germany where I have American friends, but I miss my International ones... :)

Here is Ingrid's blog. It's in Swedish... because she's Swedish, but google chrome translates all my websites automatically. :) Probably more of a necessity for me than most.

Ingrid, I'll try and find some food pictures... :) Maybe they are on a camera I don't usually use. If I can't find any I'll have to go back AND ORDER THE SAME THING! :) Miss you guys... Let's make this reunion thing a regular thing no matter where we are.... The world is pretty small after all.

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franziengland said...

What a great reason for you to go back there and eat all that yummie food once AGAIN. I am NOT jealous! At All! I become embarrased having my post at YOUR blog. Crazy woman.
Good idea to make this a tradition!
You are great and I miss you!! Hugs.


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