Sunday, January 9, 2011

Resolution Time!

I'm not a big New Years Resoluter, but I admit to trying... This year I will work on simple things.

#1. Try not to kill my houseplants.

I liked my houseplants when I first bought them. They were easy and made my house seem like we actually lived there instead of just passing through, but then they started to turn brown, and then they started to turn yellow. Before I knew it they were just ugly and bothered me.

SO I went online to research (without using Wikipedia). I discovered the problem!!! I'm either overwatering or underwatering... how un-helpful is that? Oh, and my plants are cold. HA! Well I'm cold too, sorry little plant, join the club.

We will see how this "not-killing-houseplant-plan" goes. I did move little plant to a spot closer to the heater. Then I cut off all the brown and yellow tips. ...and I won't water it until the dirt is dry... even though it's been like two weeks. :)

#2. Eat more fish. :) ...and not just Salmon.

I can cook Salmon just fine. Thanks to a certain Swedish person's recipe I can cook it quite well. :) However, any other type of fish and I'm completely confused. So unfortunately this means my family will have to endure eating non-Salmon fish while I try and figure out how to cook it.

That written, my first white fish attempt was a success... because I'm awesome. :) I bought some kind of white fish. I just picked the fattest fillets they had and covered them in bread crumbs, flour, salt, etc... the usual boring thing.. but the kids ate it and Andrea probably ate the most.

So there are my New Year's Resolutions. Nothing dumb like: Keep the house clean or don't yell at the kids. :) Let's be realistic.


Anonymous said...

One of my New year's resolutions is to VISIT YOU IN HAMBURG!!!!

Don't be scared. You can always lock me in the cupboard.

Z ;)

franziengland said...

Great resolutions!! Like both of them and white fish like that is the best thing to do!

Anonymous said...

I will have you know that the two plants that you gave me before you left are thriving in my office. The third one kinda died but two out of three ain't bad : )

Love ya .... miss you lots!!

Trini Marie

franziengland said...

Hi, I hope you see that one of my best friends, Karin, has written to you in a comment in my blog :) . Hugs.

Tara said...

Yah Trini... but those plants made FLOWERS! Never in the four years I owned them did they once make a flower. :) HEY - How are the birthday plans coming? I think I should manage a trip out for it. :)

franziengland said...

Are the plants still alive?


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