Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WHEEE another year!

Happy New Year to everyone!

I think it's a Europe thing, but on New Years Eve you are supposed to dress up... like in a costume... a Halloween costume. Nothing scary though, just funny and silly.

No, I didn't get the kids costumes... but I looked to see if there was anything for next Halloween. :)

Our night was fairly uneventful... as usual. :) We decided that with six people in our family we had enough to constitute an actual party on our own. So all six of us stayed up all night long and had a party! :)

Our partying included playing wii, watching movies, and eating tons of food... and then the three big kids had a sleep over party in the kids living room. :)

The highlight of our evening was our fireworks. I think this is the first time we have ever bought and set off our own fireworks. :) Where we lived in California it was highly illegal. In Denmark they were $20 a pop.

...Plus if you don't set off fireworks you have zero chance of getting hurt, says my risk managing husband. :) We had the perfect firework arrangement though: Daddy goes outside into the freezing cold, lights our fireworks, and the rest of us watch from the comfort of our living room. :)

Poozie sat on the couch under a warm blankie and loved every minute. After every firework she would hold a little finger up to signal, "One more!".

At midnight we went outside and watched the neighbors big fireworks. I still can't believe they let regular people... mostly drunk people... set these things off. They are small little rockets. Anyways, we watched fireworks for a while, but it was pretty cold and to see these fireworks we had to be outside. We only lasted a little bit.

Denmark wins though. Germany's fireworks only went on for about a half hour and then I heard pauses in the "booms". In Denmark it went on for hours straight, no quiet moments. I would wake up to fireworks in Denmark. :) I decided that Germans just set off their fireworks and go back inside to their beer. :)

Our New Year's Eve ended at 1:30am when the kids finally went to bed. Andrea has been the only kid, at age two, to stay up all night... and she did so quite easily!


franziengland said...

Not a European thing, we don't dress up in Sweden... It seems like you had a great New Years Eve!!

PiNG aka Patti said...

You may want to tell Happy that perhaps he would be warmer if he put on some pants instead of shorts. It is WINTER.

Tara said...

Oh Ingrid... didn't you know that those Scandinavian countries don't count as Europe. :) Silly Swede.

Patti, Happy is just a confused Canadian. :)


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