Monday, January 3, 2011


We did pretty good this year. Despite the PILE of gifts we didn't end up with a silly amount of gifts. The kids obviously had a great time. I got a new camera and spent a lot of the time trying to figure out how to work it so I didn't get a lot of good pictures. :)

Girls got laptops and clothes and purses and UGG boots from their dad.
Scotty got legos and random toys.
Andrea got teaset things and buzz lightyear and woody toys.
I got a new camera and an iPad we've since sold. :)
Happy got a fondue maker and ties. :)

No, we didn't get a dog. We are doggie sitting for some friends.


franziengland said...

The dog seem to like it in your house :) !
What did P think of the ties???
On the right on your blog you can click and get information about you. It still says you are in Århus... even if I know you miss Denmark a lot, you actually need to change it now. IF you know how to do it, that is normally my problem.
Great gifts for everyone. I am happy for you! Hugs.

franziengland said...

I can't write a comment on your latest text, since at my stupid computor there is a nice Christmas photo over the comment field...
They used to do that melting tin thing in Sweden to long time ago! But they didn't have and help, they did it just like you, figured out themselves from what it looked like, so I think you made it just right!! What did you think it was ment to be...? Some metal baking thing? What is the purpose with the nice forms?
I miss a nice photo of Michaela to the right...


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