Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 80th Birthday Great Grandma!!

Grandma, if I was there I'd make you a cake and we would stay the night at your house and party all night!! :)

I am glad I at least made it to your party this year... which, by the way, I wouldn't have missed for the world. You should have just expected I'd be there! :)

I had the kids sing a birthday song for you. It's the best I could get them to do. They are in a silly mood because it's nearly 10:00pm. :) When Scotty started making "that face" I couldn't help myself... I started laughing and that made the kids laugh and it went from there. :)

Happy Birthday Grandma. For your gift I give you an all expenses paid ticket to Germany... might I suggest the summer when it's warm. :) My mom will come with you. :)

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franziengland said...

You really have four wonderful and funny children! I am sure Great Grandma will love this version of the song!
Happy Birthday Grandma!


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