Sunday, December 26, 2010

St. Nicholas Day

I'm a little late with this... St. Nicholas Day is a holiday here which is on December 6th. I just downloaded the picture from my phone though... :)

The day before St. Nicholas day the kids are supposed to put their shoes outside and St. Nicholas will come by and put gifts and clementines (tiny oranges) into them. Not sure why, but it is cute.

Many of the shopping centers also participate by having kids come before the 6th and drop off one of their shoes. Then on the 6th you go back and find your shoe, which is in one of the store windows within that shopping area.

My friend did it, but I learned about it too late and I was also a little scared that I'd never see their shoe again. :) We'll do it next year though because it was cute to see all the store windows lined with little kids boots and shoes. :)

In Scotty's Kindergarten class the kids put their shoes by the window on Friday December 3rd, and then when they showed up on Monday the 6th they found their indoor shoes filled with clementines and a bag of candy.

Scotty's shoes are the brown ones. :)


Cris Amorim said...

Aqui os sapatinhos são deixados pra fora no dia 25 de dezembro, isso teoricamente por que ninguém faz isso.O papai noel desse pela chaminé e essas coisas...

Tara said...

Eu traduzi isso para descobrir que era Português. Meu espanhol era apenas trabalhar um pouco para mim, então eu tinha ficado confuso. :) Tem sido divertido fazer as coisas diferentes, como este de diferentes países.



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