Sunday, December 19, 2010


Here is our tree.

Our tree doesn't match... and my personal opinion on the matter is that if your tree has a color scheme then you are boring.

Our tree is a free for all... and that's the way life is around here.


Anonymous said...


I am not boring,our tree was decorated by elves on a sugar rush.

I like it when there is like one small patch of the tree,very low down, that has 90% of the ornaments on,and the rest is bare by comparison.

Only boring people need matchy matchy.Or symmetry.

Z :)

franziengland said...

Agree. This is what a family Christmas tree should look like!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I love the new masthead AND the tree!!!
A tree should reflect the family and so yours should represent all six of you!! And it does! I LOVE IT!

Nana said...

I guess I have turned into a boring person and I have a boring tree. That's what happens when there are no little kids to help with the decorating.

Michaela said...

Andrea refused to sit still mduring that picture so that's why I look bored. :)


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