Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photo Shoot 2010

I haven't done Christmas cards in a few years, and I've had really good reasons/excuses... but this year I decided to do it.

These are NOT the winning Christmas Card Picture... I can't spoil the surprise! That would take away from the excitement of getting the card!

Thanks Shelly for coming over and pooing penguins to make us laugh. ...and Shelly, I know you took about 200 pictures, but I chose the very first one you took. :) TAK and DANKE and THANKS!

Just for you mom. We are #1.

Santa better not bring anymore laptops.

"No Paul, your car can't be in our Christmas card.

I can't believe I made those four little people!


Anonymous said...

I love the photos, especially all the laptops .. Pauly sooo funny still wearing his shorts :) Love you all .... missing you in CA

Trini Marie

Anonymous said...

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Ingrid said...

What great family photos!!! Look forward to see what you picked in the end... :)

Anonymous said...

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