Friday, December 17, 2010

If Scotty was German....

If Scotty was German he would start kindergarten at Goosacker Schule. :)

I got a letter in the mail saying Scotty would have a spot at the Goosacker School next August. Nice. Goosacker... Maybe that name sounds cooler to a German person. :)

Anyways, This letter gave me a date and time to show up with Scotty. No problem, I'll just have the secretary from our International School call Goosacker and tell them Scotty was already enrolled in school. Our nice secretary called... Goosacker said I still had to bring Scotty in.

I asked our secretary what would happen if I didn't comply. She said the police might become involved... OK.

I asked what the police would do. She said they might take Scott to school for me... OK.

Scotty might think that was really fun! What an experience! :) I just wasn't sure if the police would return him to me so I figured I better take him to see the Goosacker people.

So I took Scotty out of school, to take him to visit the school he's not going to. In the snow, in the middle of Andrea's nap time... super.

I thought that maybe they would just want to see that Scotty was alive and well and then we could just go home. I even had an official letter from the International School and Soctty's school records. We went in, I showed my letter. They didn't care. :) They asked if Scotty would be attending Goosacker. I said no.

Scotty still had to go off with the other German kids to "meet his new classmates". :) I had to have an hour parent interview and fill out all the forms...

It's all part of the process... :)

The process gets better...

The next week I had to go back to pick up their "report" on Scotty. Turns out I now have to take Scotty to a doctor because he doesn't speak or understand any German. Hmmp.

Well, if a five year old German kid doesn't speak or understand German then okay... send him to the doctor, but my little boy speaks English, not German... oh, but he can call me a dumb cow in German, "Du bist eine dumme kuh." Maybe I should have mentioned that...

Instead I mentioned... "When we got to this silly country I tried to put him in a German school, but everyone told me NO... so don't come to me nine months later and try to make me feel like a loser because we aren't fluent in German. Ich spreche ein sehr bisschen Deutsch!!!" ...but I was nicer, because they were actually being kinda nice about the whole thing. ...but not really. :)

We'll see how that doctor appointment goes... or maybe I'll take my chance with the German police.

Pretty snow though huh?

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franziengland said...

Well, WOW, now you have one more great story to tell about all STUPID people you have met during your time abroad!! And of course it will be great fun to tell all of them the coming 50 years during all family get togethers you will have :) .
When you hear it, it is hard to believe it is true, BUT since I know you are an honest person, I know it has all happened! WOW again. :)


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