Monday, December 20, 2010


A blizzard came through... and funny, but when I type the word blizzard I suddenly want a Chocolate Blizzard with Butterfinger from Dairy Queen. I guess that up until this point in my life the word "Blizzard" meant chocolate ice cream... now it means, shovel the driveway for an hour in below freezing temperatures.

I now pick up the kids with sleds... and it's kinda fun. :)

To get Andrea in the house I bribe her with a plate full of snow. Yes, I know it's dirty... She likes it though and gets her in the house. She would play outside in the snow all day and night if possible.

Here are the dirt throwers. They don't use salt for the roads here, here in Hamburg they throw dirt all over everything... makes for a huge dirty mess after the snow is gone, and it's not all that effective. I'm sure it's healthier for the roads and stuff... I'm not sure why dirt has been determined to be the best way to deal with the snow. ...and for the record, never once have I seen a snow plow taking snow off the road. It's getting pretty silly. Giant slushy mess...

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franziengland said...

Yes, the snow cause lots of work and problem. Yes, I am worried about our trip home. Yes, I am happy I am not one of those who are stuck at Heathrow. But still, it is beautiful out there :) , it makes me smile while seeing the landscape covered in snow. It gets more quiet outside and it actually becomes warmer inside.
She will survive eating the snow. Promise! I am a living example :) .


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